Yesterday I showed you what I ate. I hope that helped you out with constructing your own diets. Today, I was going to answer the question: What are the best exercises to do for losing fat, and gaining muscle?

Well, I thought about the question, and then I realized that most of you already know that answer to that question. In fact, most of you are doing the basics – pushups, pullups, squats, rows, deadlifts, swings, dips, etc…

That’s the stuff that works. What you need to do is understand the principles behind effective muscle building and fat loss workouts. And yes, there ARE universal principles.

I want to go over the most important principle: Make sure your workouts are progressive.

Progressive means littles changes over a long period of time – gradual increase in repetitions, switch to harder exercises, more sets per exercise, less rest between exercises. Way too many people keep doing the same old things over and over again.

Progressions for Hypertrophy (Muscle Gain):


  • Load progression – The key to effective load progression is to increase the load in small increments.
  • Rep progression – With rep progression, you’re focusing on the total number of repetitions performed per exercise. For example:
    • Week One – 3 x 10 (30 total reps)
    • Week Two – 4 x 8 (32 total reps)
    • Week Three – 5 x 7 (35 total reps)
    • Week Four – 6 x 6 (36 total reps)
  • Frequency progression – Simply, add an extra day to your training regimen. This progression has a limit (of course), and is not for everyone – especially those that live busy lifestyles.

Progressions for Fat Loss


  • Rest progression – Gradually decrease the amount of rest you take between exercises. Add in supersets and circuits so you rest less throughout your workout.
  • Set progression – Add an extra set to your workout. This works best with circuit training. For example, lets say you are performing a circuit of pushups, pullups, and squats. In your first workout, you are only able to perform 3 rounds. If you work up to 10 rounds non-stop, or with limited rest periods, then guaranteed you’ll be looking a lot leaner by the end of the program.

So in order to make progress with you workouts, you must make your workouts progressive….pretty simple idea, but very few people implement it properly. One guy who really gets this idea of making workouts progressive is Craig Ballanytne. He puts out a new, 4-week program each month to keep his clients challenged. I recommend you check out his original, Turbulence Training workout. Click here to take a 21-day trial challenge.